An image representation to show someone practising FRM part I
纳Part I: Topics In Valuation and Risk Models

Valuation and risk models are among the 4 four broad topics tested in FRM Part I. GARP aims to test a candidate’s understanding of valuation techniques and risk models using these topics. 30% of questions in FRM Part I exams…

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CFA Study: Balancing Work, Life, and CFA Exams

The first thing you’ll hear while approaching your CFA exams is you need about 300 hours of study. And your first thought is that it’s impossible for you. Probably because you have a daunting full-time job, friends, and family to…

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An aimage representation of GMAT scratch paper.
GMAT Scratch Paper – Tips to Use it Effectively

One of the rules when taking the GMAT exams is to refrain from bringing writing materials into the exam room. However, every student gets a scratchpad and a non-permanent marker to take notes during the GMAT exams. The GMAT scratch…

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Studying for the EA While Working Fulltime

The executive assessment is mostly taken by working individuals on tight schedules. Anybody planning to take the EA exams does it for a very important reason. Getting a good score is always on top of any student’s list, no matter…

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After Passing Your First Actuarial Exams, Next?

Passing your first actuarial exam is a great achievement. The feeling can be overwhelming since actuarial exams are quite challenging. After completing the first exams, most candidates usually need help deciding what to do next. As tempting as it sounds,…

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An image of a student to demontrate best executive assessment exam score.
What’s the Best Executive Assessment Exam Score?

Business schools are increasingly using the Executive Assessment for their executive MBA (EMBA) programs. As with other test scores such as the GMAT or GRE, getting the best Executive Assessment exam score is imperative when you are planning to apply…

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The Best GMAT Question Bank

As you are sending your application to business schools or just applying to the business school of your choice, your GMAT Score is probably one of the most important aspects of your application. Your GMAT score will determine whether you are…

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What is a Passing Score on Exam FM

Exam FM from the Society of Actuaries is one of the three preliminary professional actual exams. The exam takes three hours. It is a multiple-choice test with a total of 35 questions. Each question has five answer choices, A, B,…

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What’s the Best GMAT Prep Book

你的GMAT分数可以明显影响你的接受into an advanced MBA program of your choice. This is because most programs require applicants to have taken the GMAT exams. They use an applicant’s GMAT score to determine their readiness for…

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How To Choose The Best CFA Exam Prep

CFA exams are renowned to be one of the hardest exams to pass. A candidate is usually required to dedicate at least 300 hours to study using the correct study materials. Selecting a good exam prep is the first step…

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